Website Feedback


It would be really cool if this stuff was on the website so people exploring the project could really dive in and check it out

Actually, I’m about to roll out this new website. Would love any feedback.

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Oh I saw this! I actually really like it :slight_smile:

A few things to maybe change/consider

  • it would be cool if there was a footer with all the links for all the things
  • the “prototype” button at the top of the page didn’t grab my attention - maybe rename to something more “action” oriented like “explore” or “explore the prototype”
  • same goes for the other links: maybe “community chat” for discord and “research forum” for discourse
  • GitHub and Twitter could then be in the footer vs with the first few buttons (if you want to go that route), but I think they distract from the immediate call to action. The first thing should be the most important, then less important stuff can be in the body of the homepage or in the footer
  • the images for the feature highlight sections all look the same and make it hard to distinguish one feature from the next. While there are words there, in my head they all blend together because the visual part of my brain has more weight than anything else

Hope that’s helpful!

also, if you ever want to upgrade to a more extensive site that has docs and things built in I like building Docusuaruses. I’m pretty busy atm, but in the future that’s something I’d totally be down to help with. In the past I’ve built a few of them and they kind of look like this:

The main feature of Docusaurus is that you can integrate your documentation/dev experience into your main site. Just create Markdown documents in a docs folder, then Docusaurus automagically displays them in the theme of your website. It’s all React so you can then add more pages and features if you want on top of that, but it keeps the experience all in one place. Aragon’s dev portal hack.aragon and Substrate’s dev portal use the same framework (and I shamelessly fork them often lol)

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Thanks for the feedback @burrrata! Very helpful and actionable. Slimming down to fewer action items and moving GitHub and twitter out of the way makes a lot of sense.

Re the images: yeah, I kind of just wanted to show off all the different logo images (a la More Logo Explorations). Actually, initially I wasn’t planning to rebuild the website at all, I was playing with the logo, and the rest kind of just happened. But now that I have the website, it would actually be a lot better to have semantic graphics rather than medallion doodles. :slight_smile:

We don’t yet have much in the way of technical docs, but I’ll keep your offer in mind for when we do. Also, hacking on the codebase is always welcome. The website is over here: sourcecred/website