CredCon Contributor Game

Notes to self.

SourceCred is super amazing and magical

  • would be awesome to share that magic with lots of people

We want to help people discover and play the SourceCred game.

  • super simple onboarding process
  • great UX
  • aligned incentives with real value creation

Meta Goals for EthDenver

  • pilot programs
  • core contributors
  • user adoption of SourceCred on their repos and forums

Developers seems like the audience we need the most right now

  • We could have a hackathon
  • contributors get Cred (recognition, rewards, and ownership in the SourceCred protocol)
  • value prop: spend hours doing fun things and get Cred
  • no middle man => submit a PR and get Cred
  • we could recruit developers by having them start initiatives and then recruit their friends to contribute to the project (Cred for everyone!) => team project

Value prop

  • permission-less innovation
  • positive sum value creation for contributions
  • no middle man in the process
  • just build cool stuff and get recognized and rewarded

Could we have a visualization to show Cred created during the conference?

  • need to update the Odyssey hackathon viz tool (Artifacts, Initiatives, and users => 2-4 weeks of work)
  • what if we created a separate repo for hackathon projects and then created a separate leaderboard for that repo that would be updated in real time?

Overall this project (and event) is a great way to incentivize us to get all our documentation and data organized so that people can learn and contribute to SourceCred at EthDenver.

Just saw this article on the meta game/DAO ETHDenver will be creating for the event. We should probably make ours compatible (or at least aware) of this. They’ll be using a reputation system actually where you get points for creating a BUIDLathon team, listening to DJ sets, visiting art space, etc. Reputation points are then used for entering you into raffle for rare shwag, maybe other things.

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