CredCon - Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated: 2-9-20

Hey everyone! You may have heard that SourceCred will soon be holding it’s first ever in person gathering! Here’s where you can stay up to date on all important information related to CredCon as it develops.

The Basics:

  • What: An in-person event for high velocity contributors to come together and collaborate, socialize, and orient on goals/values for the coming year. This event also aligns with ETH Denver, Sustain Web3, DAO Fest, and BuidlWeek, all of which will have a SourceCred presence of some kind.

  • Who: A small list of invitees who will have their flight expenses covered by the CredCon budget, and are invited to stay in the community house. If you haven’t been explicitly invited but you want to participate, you can reach out to @Decentralion or @LB.

  • Where: Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Our main Community House will be in Boulder (about 30-40min drive north of Denver), rented between the 11th and the 18th. We will also have a secondary space in Denver from the 13th through the 16th for our team to retreat to during ETH Denver and it’s child events. Even if you have your own lodging plans, you are still welcome and encouraged to come be a part of work sessions and parties at both these locations.

  • When: February 11th-18th. Arrival on the 11th, departure any time on the 19th. Please come when you’re able, no pressure to attend the entire week.

  • How: If you have been invited, please RSVP by filling out the Registration Form as soon as possible. You are NOT confirmed as a CredCon attendee until you have completed this form.

Current number of total invitees registered as attending: 11

Proposed Agenda and Activities:

If you have thoughts, or things you’d be excited to see happen at CredCon, feel free to suggest! Organization bandwidth will likely be the limiting factor, but we’ll do what we can!

Please take a moment to view the official CredCon 2020 Schedule.

There are a few sections to the schedule (tabs at the bottom of the sheet):

  • Official Schedule - a day by day breakdown of sessions, activities, and social events.
  • Session Program - an alphabetized list of every session at CredCon along with a matching description.
  • Unconference Sign Up - a place to claim an unconference time slot during the last two days of Cred Con.
  • Video Interviews - a place to schedule your video interview time with our media team on the 11th. This is for those who have been specifically asked to do an interview, and have also received an email introducing them to the media team. Please double check with the media team before you add your time to the sheet.
  • Arrivals/Departures - a copy of the official schedule with the arrival/departure of attendees added. Send your flight info and receipt to LB ( asap and they will add you to this tab.

If you have and comments, questions, or concerns, please either leave a comment in the document or email @LB at This schedule is currently under review by the community and any changes will be updated to the official schedule above.

About ETH Denver:

Three days of CredCon will be dedicated to attending ETH Denver, networking with potential new contributors, getting out the good word, and potentially creating a CredCon Contributor Game or hook for ETHDenver attendees to play with.

If you’d like to join the SourceCred team at ETH Denver, make sure you sign up with them to attend here (as a single person, not a team) prior to coming out to Colorado.

As mentioned, the Mountain Goat House will be walking distance to ETH Denver to help combat burnout. We will also host a party here on the night of the 15th or 16th for ETH Denver attendees who want to learn more about SourceCred.

About Sustain Web3 and BuidlWeek:

@decentralion will be giving two separate SourceCred Talks at some additional events that surround ETH Denver: Sustain Web3, and BuidlWeek.

Feb. 12th: BuidlWeek

Feb. 13th: Sustain Web3

Both of these events are happening at the Sports Castle venue in Denver (where ETH Denver is being held).

Sign Up to attend Web3 (necessary).

BuidlWeek is a part of ETH Denver, and it doesn’t appear that additional signing up is required to attend.

From the 13th-16th of Feb we will have our secondary housing space called the “Mountain Goat House” in Denver, only a 10-15min walk from the Sports Castle so that our team may attend these events without needing to commit to being there all day.

See more info in these meeting notes.

About the SourceCred Video:

We will have a two person media team present at CredCon who will be doing the bulk of their filming on the 11th to shoot footage and conduct interviews for a SourceCred Video.

The goal will be to create a video communicating what SourceCred is, our values, and to show our community.

If you have been specifically asked to do an interview, use the schedule link to decide when you have time to participate and sign up for a time with the media team.

If you are not comfortable being on camera at all, please let @LB know, and we will work hard to accommodate your needs.

About Housing:

SourceCred will be renting an Airbnb in Boulder, Colorado for the team to stay in for the duration of CredCon. We will also be renting a crash pad in Denver, for the 4 days of ETH Denver+.

About Boulder House:

House Name: (accepting suggestions for cool house names)

Address: Shared before event

Check In: 4pm, Feb 11th (attempting to get an earlier check in time)

Check Out: Any time on the 19th

Airbnb Listing

  • 5 Bedrooms

  • 15 Beds (this includes some pull out couches and air mattresses)

  • 4 Bath

  • Full Kitchen

  • Hot Tub

  • Back Porch and Yard

  • Laundry Machines

  • Walking distance to downtown (restaurants, grocery, dispensaries, etc)

  • Creek nearby

About Denver House:

This space will be rented during ETH Denver to lessen burnout by giving the team somewhere to retreat to. We will also host a party here.

House Name: Mountain Goat

Address: Shared before event

Check In: 3pm, Feb 13th (potentially earlier, won’t know until we’re all in CO)

Check Out: 12pm, Feb 17th

Airbnb Listing

  • 4 Bedrooms

  • 5 Beds (not including couches)

  • 3 Bath

  • Full Kitchen

  • Rooftop access

  • Hot Tub

  • Garage

  • Keypad access

  • Walking distance to the ETH Denver “Sports Castle”

  • Parties allowed

Fill out the Registration Form regardless of whether you’re staying in the community houses.

Beds in the Boulder House will be claimed on a first-register, first serve basis. (Please fill this out the form above as soon as you know enough to be able to commit to attending. It’s super short and will enable me to plan more effectively.)

You are by no means obligated to stay in the community house to attend CredCon. If you live nearby or have a friend you’ll stay with, you can come hang out at both houses to participate in work sessions and social events. :slight_smile:

About Booking Flights:

If you are an official invitee to CredCon, then the cost of your flights will be reimbursed by Source Cred. Please book your own flights, and email your total round trip flight cost to LB by the 5th of February, 2020 (though preferably immediately after you’ve finished booking).

Useful Information for Booking Flights to CredCon:

  • Where to: Denver International Airport

  • When to arrive: Our current check in time on the 11th isn’t until 4pm, however if you are arriving earlier, let LB know and we can help you find a good place to hang out in Boulder prior to check-in. (LB will be arriving a day early)

  • When to leave: Our Boulder airbnb rental lasts through the entire day of the 19th, so feel free to fly out any time on that day. You will be able to hang out at the house until your flight time.

What To Pack

Cold Weather Gear

Colorado is a colder climate and in February the weather will likely be around 10ºF/-12ºC during the day, and colder at night. That means there may still be snow on the ground, or if it is sunnier, melting into mud. I recommend bringing at least: a sturdy pair of shoes that can handle water or mud, a hoodie or sweater type layer, gloves/hat/scarf, and a mid to heavy jacket for the evenings. Obviously you know your body’s needs best, just plan accordingly.

Party Clothes

We’ll be having at least one party (in the Mountain Goat House) for ETH Denver people, and will probably have a few intentionally social evenings at the Boulder House. You are by no means obligated to dress up, but just in case you’d like to; now you know. :slight_smile:

Bathing Suit

There will be hot tubs at both houses we’re renting, so bring a bathing suit and have a soak!

Other Nice Stuff

  • Headlamp/flashlight - Boulder in particular doesn’t have great street lighting in my experience, if you’ve got poor night vision you may want a light of some kind for evening excursions.

  • Booze - We’ll likely buy at least some for the house/parties, but if you’ve got a particular preference, snag a duty free bottle on your way over (or wait to go to the grocery store in Boulder).

  • Office Supplies - We’ll be buying some general supplies, but it’s always smart to bring what you like for taking notes, etc.


I am super open to and excited about suggestions for making this first ever CredCon a really fun and comfortable experience. This could be something like a particular SourceCred topic you’d like to see on the weeks agenda, if you want to have a pajama party, that you’d like to make sure there’s time to go hiking, maybe you want something particular from the living space, or a SourceCred “family” dinner, etc. If you have any ideas about the kinds of things you’d really like to do/see on the agenda, (or a suggestion for this guide) please comment below or shoot @LB an email!

That’s that for now! Please keep an eye on this topic as it will be updated as more information becomes relevant. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below, or send a private message to @LB.


This all looks great!

I like the idea of a consent workshop. Or at least having interesting convos around it. One idea is ‘consent in DAOs’. I.e. consent generally in “low information” environments where there’s a) no tone or body language information in chats/forums (notorious for generating toxicity in virtual environments (even Ethereum has not been immune lately)), and b) difficult to navigate power structures/imbalances (see hidden hierarchies ala tryany of the structureless or novel governance structures that may present unfamiliar (or ill defined) power dynamics). Another rich (potentially related) topic is selective disclosure (e.g. using pseudonymous identities to bypass biases, control your perception to others). Does this present issues around consent? Are there certain things you should disclose to allow others to have informed consent? Or is it the responsibility of the person interacting with the pseudonym to ask for information they need and build trust? What are some communication techniques from meatspace that are effective in cyberspace?


Would love to help cook and/or buy groceries!

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