Meeting Notes - CredCon Schedule/Agenda


@decentralion, @LB, @anon60584824


  • CredCon Schedule
    • Poke at the existing spreadsheet design and get feedback
    • Identify core activities etc that should be added to schedule


Core CredCon Agenda:

  • Pre ETH: a time to orient and get on the same page. 11th-13th
    • How Cred works - a surface level discussion to create clarity and allow our team to communicate SourceCred quickly and accurately to others.
    • Recruiting and Outreach Goals - get everyone on the same page when it comes to getting other interested in SourceCred.
    • Culture, Values, and Community Expectations - create a sense of cohesion when it comes to our community’s values and culture. Both for our own sake, and so that it translates well to others.
    • Crypto Conference Intentions - create clarity around SourceCred’s intentions at ETH Denver, Web3, BuidlWeek, and DAO Fest so we can all go spread the good word.
    • Video Sessions - individual interviews and group sessions will be recorded during these first few days for the SourceCred video.

  • During ETH: focus on connecting with the outside world, and communicating the vision of SourceCred to others at the Crypto Conferences. 14th-16th
    • SourceCred party for Crypto folks interested in what we do.

  • Post ETH: a time for deeper SourceCred work and sharing of ideas between attendees. 17th-18th
    • Algorithm Deep Dive - Dandelion (and William?) will explain the SourceCred Algorithm at a deeper and more technical level for those attendees who are working on the guts (code) of SourceCred. (Specifically Beanow, Dinosaur, William, and Dandelion.)
    • Community Q & A - the Algorithm Deep Dive participants will turn around and answer questions about SourceCred in general for the CredCon attendees and the community at large (via Discord).
    • Business Strategizing - conversations about raising money, creating grain, financial/business planning, attracting early adopters/on boarding other projects, and recruiting contributors.
    • Boosting Dynamics - time to talk about the Boosting mechanism and it’s implementation.
    • GitHub Deep Dive - community helps explain using GitHub to widen accessibility to less technical contributors.
    • Unconfrences - empty slots in the schedule for attendees to schedule an unconference they’d like to give.
    • 2020 Planning - time to discuss goals, values, and potentially create a roadmap for 2020.

Other thoughts:

  • We want to make a lot of CredCon discussions accessible via Discord so that even non-attendees can be involved.
  • We want to find a way to keep track of the vast amount of valuable contributions that will inevitably occur at CredCon.


  • Dandelion do some explaining (for Dinosaur) global document, higher level algorithm guide, rough is fine
  • Post schedule notes to discourse (done)
  • Polish and post visual spreadsheet schedule to discourse for community input, feedback, and questions.
  • Have a place/person where social/sensitive questions can be sent to ( Put this idea through review first.
  • Send DL Airbnb receipt screenshots (done)
  • Schedule time to talk about TALKS (done)
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