Meeting with NukeManDan 2/15/2020

@NukeManDan (partial organizer of some crypto events surrounding ETH Denver), @decentralion, @Beanow, and @LB had a voice meeting on Discord to discuss additional tech events surrounding ETH Denver at which Dandelion may want to give a SourceCred talk, and CredCon invitees may be interested in attending.

Meeting Notes by @LB

Tl;dr: BuidlWeek, DAO Fest, and Sustain Web3 will all have a SourceCred talk given by Dandelion. Dandelion and LB will co-work to create: a description for the SourceCred Talk, appropriate description banner/presentation art, and specific visuals for the presentation itself. Relevant to CredCon planning.

Wed Feb 12th: BuidlWeek

  • Dandelion SourceCred presentation 4-5pm
  • Dandelion create a brief description
  • SC banner art needed
  • RSVP required
  • Has free coworking space
  • Optional CredCon invitee attendance

Thurs Feb 13th:

  • Decentralized Network Summit
    • Invite to give SC Presentation
    • Technical focused
    • NOT a SC priority
    • Not at Sports Castle
  • DAO Fest 10-6pm
    • Technical/not
    • SC second priority
    • At Sports Castle
    • Has a party this night at an Airbnb castle
  • Sustain Web3
    • DL talking here
    • Moved to Denver
    • SC Priority
    • At Sports Castle

Feb 20th: ETH Denver Decompress - Breckenridge, CO

  • Decompression week skiing/snowboarding
  • Most likely open access, may need to send an email
  • May only extend one day past CredCon