More Logo Explorations

I was inspired by @ericronne’s work on the logo


to build a generator of possible SourceCred logos based on those overall themes, and along with creative assist from @lb, came up with a bunch of interesting designs. Some are potential logos, some are “just” art. :slight_smile:

You can play with the generator yourself here:

Also, now that we have the ability to generate “sourcecred art” algorithmically, I may make an easter egg of sorts where has a transforming sourcecred logo that animates and changes designs occasionally.

Please share which ones you like, and your own designs!

I like the first one – it’s a good balance between simplicity (which is important for a logo) and conveyance of info (bar height is meaningful).

Thanks for the feedback @jessicaschilling!

I’ve gone ahead and merged a close variant of the first version as the new SourceCred logo across GitHub, this forum, etc. :smiley:

The first one looks good to me too!