More Logo Explorations

I was inspired by @ericronne’s work on the logo


to build a generator of possible SourceCred logos based on those overall themes, and along with creative assist from @lb, came up with a bunch of interesting designs. Some are potential logos, some are “just” art. :slight_smile:

You can play with the generator yourself here:

Also, now that we have the ability to generate “sourcecred art” algorithmically, I may make an easter egg of sorts where has a transforming sourcecred logo that animates and changes designs occasionally.

Please share which ones you like, and your own designs!

Thanks a lot to @LB for help with this creative process!

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I like the first one – it’s a good balance between simplicity (which is important for a logo) and conveyance of info (bar height is meaningful).

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Thanks for the feedback @jessicaschilling!

I’ve gone ahead and merged a close variant of the first version as the new SourceCred logo across GitHub, this forum, etc. :smiley:

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The first one looks good to me too!

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Thinking of ways to make the forum more engaging and fun. Having a logo and visual component to important posts could really help make the Discourse feel more like “home” and less like any other forum. All that to say, thank you everyone here who worked on marking the logo and art stuff happen for the community :slight_smile: