Opportunities For Contributing To SourceCred


This is an overview of contribution opportunities. These are ideas we have that would be nice, great, or amazing to have in SourceCred. They range from fleeting ideas (“oh that’d be neat”) to the downright invaluable (“omg how have we lived without this for so long?!”).

Think of this as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of an opportunities system for the Creditor.

If something catches your eye that you’d like to work on:

  1. Determine if it’s a smaller one-person task, or something bigger that you should explore with other contributors.
  2. Start a new Discourse topic proposing how you’d like to create or implement it, and list what resources or help you might need, and if you’d like to champion the initiative or just want to contribute.
  3. Once you’ve posted that topic, link it in this thread below and I’ll edit this post to link to yours, so that Cred from this post flows to you.

I’m making this thread in part to not lose track of ideas we want to implement, but mainly to create an overview for newcomers to see what kinds of contributions they could make.

There is no good way to “vote” on any specific opportunity below (until there is a dedicated topic proposal for it), because it’s an MVP. Heck, we might even call it a proof of concept.

Open Opportunities

We have open projects & opportunities in:

  • Audio/ visual work
  • Copy & technical writing
  • Community Care & Cultivation work
  • Design & Visualization Work
  • Web Development & Software Engineering (SWE)
  • Project Management

Audio / visual work

  • SourceCred 101 Explainer Video / Animation

    An animation, accessible to non-techies, illustrating how Cred and Grain work on the CredGraph (nodes, edges, flows)

  • Call Recording Audio Conversion

    Converting the recordings of our calls from Audacity format to an audio file and uploading them for easier listening and sharing (on SoundCloud? Elsewhere?)

  • Discourse Cred Flow Graphic

    A visual and/or interactive explorer to illustrate how Discourse Cred flows from threads (see context)

Copy & technical writing

  • Documentation Support

    Work with @bex to ensure our SourceCred documentation is up to date, and accessible to newcomers and non-crypto/tech people.

  • Improve clarity of our implementation documentation

    The documentation for setting up a SourceCred instance of your own, managing it, and keeping it nicely operational (how, where, what, when, etc.) is lacking in clarity and cohesion. We can make it much more intuitive and clear, mostly through technical writing alone.

  • Website Redesign project — copywriting

    There is a work-in-progress website / homepage redesign; somewhere (I believe) there is a spreadsheet with draft copy text for the front page. Taking on this copywriting and working with the team to ensure it accurately represents what SC is, how it works, and why communities would want to use SC, would be very helpful to moving the website redesign forward.

Community Care & Cultivation work

  • Write Your Own Onboarding

    This is a repeatable opportunity: document the process you’ve gone through and what your experiences have been like upon discovering, learning about, and joining SourceCred (and becoming a Creddie :partying_face:)

  • Help @KuraFire with Discourse reorg

    The Discourse forum for SourceCred is not very well-organized and structured. Lots of old categories, tags, and templates that need updating, as well as the design. Current blocking task is updating the threads spreadsheet with all the new topics since December 9th, and collaborating with Faruk to create a new organization structure for our forum. (see the current reorg proposal thread)

  • Organize Community Events

    We love community; help create it by organizing educational events. Examples: film screenings to help us better understand important state-of-the-world issues for marginalized groups; book club readings (currently active: Emergent Strategy), Gather.town socials, etc.

  • Additional Cultivation Projects

    Our Roam knowledge base has its own cultivation projects/opportunities list. Peruse it for more!

Design & Visualization Work

  • Help create the SourceCred Design System in Figma

    Work with @KuraFire and @CortanaV to create a SourceCred design system, refine the color palette, and design UI components. (Figma competency required)

  • Create interactive visualizations

    A lot of SourceCred is explained verbally and in text, but an interactive visualization for the inner workings of how it all works, especially for something like tweaking weights, would be hugely valuable.

  • Website Redesign project

    There is a work-in-progress website / homepage redesign that @KuraFire started, but it’s been pushed back due to lack of bandwidth and other priorities. The IA (Information Architecture) is in a good place, it just needs visual design and finalized text copy. (Blocked by: Design System task, above)

Web Development & Software Engineering (SWE)

  • Website Redesign project — implementation

    There is a work-in-progress website / homepage redesign. Once copy text and visual design are close to finalization, the next step is implementing it. (Blocked by: copy & visual tasks, above)

  • Other…

    Many more opportunities exist in the domain of the SWE team. Attend their weekly Monday’s at noon (PST) Dev Meeting to learn more about SWE opportunities.

Project Management

  • Basically… just doing Project Management work

    SourceCred has been very decentralized and distributed in its operational approach from the start. We’ve been adding structure and processes best we could so far, but a good project manager could streamline this and improve the state of SC tenfold if not more.

Add your own ideas for opportunities below, and I’ll include them in this list (and Like your reply :heart:).

This is also an exercise in seeing what frictions and shortcomings come from this approach.


Smaller, bite-sized opportunities

UPCOMING: We’ll list smaller opportunities that are quick one-offs here in this secondary post. These bite-sized opportunities are things that someone can almost definitely do on their own in just a few hours or less.

I’d love to see “All things Didathing” and “All things Props” topics in Discourse that collect and consolidate the community’s knowledge around how to best use these channels in Discord for flowing Cred around.

Version one could be asking questions from the perspective of a newcomer re one of these channels in Discord and how it’s used. Aka a “Didathing Questions” topic.

Version two could be taking all of the replies from the community and creating another Discourse topic consolidating all of the information related to how to used one of these channels.

If a newcomer wants to take this on but is feeling uncertain, feel free to reach out to me (LB - @LBS on Discord) for some support in getting started. <3


Maybe there’s a way to incorporate LB’s How to Start a New Project in SourceCred [Proto-doc] for people who want to start a new project. Rather than posting in the feed below, which could get lost in replies, they could create an organized post and link this post in it.

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Current contributions:

  • posting discourses to get used to the formatting; flow with a beginner’s mind how to link, reply, and engage in all the ways currently available; explore topics meaningful to me in this space
  • posting vulnerable content on what it’s like being a new Creddie in the space without tech background
  • hosting my first event - film screening of Through the Night
  • intending to host a series of screening over the next couple months stay tuned
  • attending weekly book club calls
  • attending weekly community calls
  • attending weekly community cultivation trunk calls
  • gathering contributions via one-on-one conversations with Creddies for a SC zine series
  • brainstorming onboarding strategies
  • generative one-on-one video calls about 3/week
  • inserting myself into the mentee-mentor relationship between Willow and Kevin to track the onboarding experience of merging of a new Creddie with non-tech background into Dev

Near future:

  • collaborating with Joie re: community values & care work
  • leading calls/ facilitation

Beginning in Spring and beyond:

  • Begin monthly curated space for sharing vulnerability for folks who are interested - a kind of “support group” that will be both free form and explore topics such as rest and pleasure with specific lineages in intimacy and anti-oppression politics
  • networking to incorporate more events with other communities
  • next book club book: Care Work
  • potentially leading an interactive value-centric workshop depending on Joie and my collaborations
  • strong role of support and care available for one-on-ones and known as such
  • possibly a personal assistant of sorts to Thena
  • ongoing work with LB to help Creddies explore and focus their talents

I’d love to see some of these smaller opportunities when they arise!