Questions for Community feedback


sounds good!

Sounds good. I’d still keep an answer available about the mission/vision. But all good!

I’m in to put that in another form once and for all :slight_smile:

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  1. I think that Q3 and Q5 are pretty obviously different, and both grab some valuable info.
  2. The reasons for joining could be as varied as the humans in the project. I suggest using a text field to let them express themselves fully.
  3. It may be nice to have an “other” option for a lot of these multiple choice questions, or to let them write in a text answer. I feel a bit strange asking someone what they want most from onboarding or something like that, and then not giving them the chance to answer beyond 4 or 5 choices we came up with. I think we’ll be surprised at the insightful answers if we give people the chance to write them in their own words.
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@LB and @rpp63 Very new here so I filled out the questionnaire.

I probably should read slower but I often come up with a simple question when I see something. I wondered what is the actual goal with the questionaire? What does the creators want to learn about or address based on the answers to the questions? I didn’t read carefully in the above forum posts so perhaps I missed this if so I apologize.

One thing I can say on the Type form- answers that are longer than the one line are not easy to edit or view for editing. I can copy/paste elsewhere but that kind of defeats ease…

Last point. I think definitely offering grain for filling that out would be nice so connecting to some easy way to on-board for grain with the tax warning would be nice. I honestly don’t know where the grain goes or how to get it, but heck I just came here within the past week so I am still learning. Less concerned about losing some grain than just learning my way around here.

I may end up with some noob kind of comments and some informational organization opinions…

I like the idea of feed back. I also thought the first 30+ questions were long and the working down to 10 a really good idea. Having these feed back forms for different kinds of users may be important to get different kinds of feed back to achieve different goals. example: Better landing pad for newbs - well then offer the newbs well then change the next questions. Better resource organization for old timers - change the next questions again. Not knowing the actual goal and the real target audience for data gathering its hard to say how to do this better.

Even so I liked the first attempt and still want to know what the goal is with this.

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Hey @Eth_Man! Welcome :slight_smile: that’s good feedback thanks

@rpp63 @LB @benoxmo I’ve updated the Typeform taking into account your suggestions.

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