Related Projects

I am doing some research on related project, and wanted to open a thread to compile them :grin:

Please add more so we can all have a place to reference moving forward :bow:

    • 1 Hive is a decentralized autonomous organization working to grow an open source commons and improve open source sustainability.
    • Discover the Open Source projects your organization is using that need financial support.

This is a great idea! I’m wondering if we should have different lists for related and competition though? You could also make this post a wiki. That way other people can add to it, as we’ve been doing with other similar pages.

A couple off the top of my head:

    • Open core startup doing machine learning on source code. Could be useful for heuristics/attribution. Not a direct competitor, but similar area?
    • Reputation system, mainly targeting DAOs. Different approach than SourceCred, but targeting many of the same use cases.

There’s a group called Persper that is (was?) working on a similar vision. I talked to them a few times last year. Their vision and approach seemed pretty similar (PageRank on code contributions, etc); however, they seemed a lot more focused on onboarding business users (for promotion / performance evaluation type stuff) rather than going for open-source communities and payments.

I haven’t seen anything from them in around a year, so they may have stopped work.

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Agreed! Was just writing a whole thing about how 1Hive is totally different than SourceCred and not a competitor, but then realized that it has some synergies and is somewhat related. Having separate categories for related synergistic projects and direct competitors (of which I think there are none) would be great.

Also +1 on the wiki suggestion.

1Hive member here. Curious, how did you hear about 1Hive?

Regarding related projects and competition: while we do aim to support the commons and open-source development, we do so by creating governance and incentive structures on Aragon that support this. Currently we’re building MolochDAO on Aragon, SourceCred on Aragon, and doing lots of other stuff. Our goal is to build cool Aragon stuff that helps the commons thrive.

SourceCred, while it also aims to support open-source, does so through a very different means. SourceCred allows a community to automagicaly create a contribution graph that can be used to reward contributors. The tech that does this is way different than Aragon infra and apps. While the initial target market for SourceCred is also open-source, SourceCred is much bigger than that. SourceCred allows us to measure, manage, and reward human collaboration on a level that was previously opaque and mispriced. The technology that enables this, while complimentary to Aragon and 1Hive, is really in a league of it’s own. I view SourceCred as it’s own platform whereas 1Hive is a project that exists on top of the Aragon platform.

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When you say “targeting many of the same use cases,” do you mean believably/reputation weighted voting? If so, agree that there’s some overlap there, but Colony (as far as I know) replicates more of a traditional org structure that caters to business use cases (a la Bridgewater) whereas SourceCred is more of an MMO game for life (similar to social networks and games).

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A wiki sounds great! how & where do I start one?

Once you make a new topic, you can click the “…” in the lower right corner. Then you’ll be able to select “make into wiki”.

You could also modify this topic to be a wiki, and copy the links from these posts into the wiki.

Update: I just made the “docs” category, with the idea being that every topic in that category is a piece of long-running documentation. Every topic in the category is made into a wiki by default.

Please create new topics there!


1Hive member here. Curious, how did you hear about 1Hive?

Researching more about SourceCred in general - as well as learning about funding sources from github sponsor button options

I am most interested in finding the synergistic pieces of :

  • Collecting funds for OSS and Community projects (like [Open Collective)
  • Getting visibility for this to solicit for funding (Not sure where is best… Needs good SEO)
  • Identifying where these funds should go (SourceCred + Friends :grin: )
  • Coming to a collective decision about what is automated and what requires input from humans for community funds (DAOs like MolochDAO and Aragon
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