Sourcecred x MetaGame

Hello Sourcecred fam!

We (MetaGame) are launching Season 1 next week :upside_down_face:

You’ve been an integral part of our system so we already consider you a part of our ecosystem, we just want to make sure that you consider yourselves a part of it too, and for that, we need some kind of a signal. We don’t see this as something contentious, and I already talked to @decentralion, so the main reason I’m posting here too is because I want to make sure there isn’t anyone out here that’s going to think like “wait what, we never agreed to this!”, after we make the announcement.

So! Come the launch day (December 21st), there will be a big announcement thread with the players & guilds of MetaGame - If you DO NOT want Sourcecred tagged in there, please say so here & now :slight_smile:

There will also be a launch party to which you are all invited! Here’s the calendar invite (though the precise timing is not yet defined)