The Evolution of Ecosystems: An Update

Hey there y’all! This is just a simple update to share context regarding the latest evolution of the SourceCred Ecosystems Department with anyone who may have missed out so far.

Before the Big Upheaval™ in July 2021, Ecosystems was a smaller section of the project led by Miguel. Since then, Miguel has stepped back from SourceCred to care for his own wellbeing and his myriad of labor threads have been slowly picked up by other folks in the community.

A small group of high-context contributors (primarily Bo, Seth, and LB) have stepped forward to own the Ecosystems thread and take on the task of reforming and expanding the department infrastructure to meet the new environment and demands we find ourselves navigating.

So far, our work includes goals like;

  • Forming up a baseline governance and org structure for the department as a whole.
  • Bringing together and aligning the folks who are already doing Ecosystems-related labor.
  • Supporting the creation of SOP (standard operating procedures) and other tools to lower friction/barriers to contribution and increase alignment of action.
  • Pitching milestones to our funders at Protocol Labs to secure a budget for the department.

Much of these goals are still in the beginning phases, and we ask for the flexibility and grace of the community as they form up and move through different iterations. Though we’re making great progress already.

Our overall goal is not just to pick up the thread of organizing Ecosystems; but also to more clearly define, expand, and support this department and the deeply necessary labor it does (and could do) to ensure that SourceCred becomes a sustainable project with happy user communities. At this time we’re still in the first phase, where that small crew (Bo, Seth, LB) is highly focused and aligning frequently to set a solid and clear foundation that Ecosystems can grow out of. Our hope is that we can foster a balance between creating clear and intentional infrastructure which lowers confusion and friction, while encouraging and supporting the labor being done by the groups that are already organically forming.

To learn more about the sociocracy-inspired org structure we’re building to help define the main responsibilities of the Ecosystems Department, explore these resources:

  • The Ecosystems Department Miro Board (under construction) where ideas around sociocratic org-structure are being documented as they evolve.
  • The meeting recording of our last Ecosystems Department meeting where LB described the different sub-circles of the Ecosystems Department, and more.

More information regarding funding milestones will be shared in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading!


I am tracking all these things…I stopped by to thank you for updating our greater community. Your Miro game is on point homie. 🤌🏿