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I don’t see an “ideas” category here, so wasn’t sure where to put this…

I’ve been thinking about what the newsfeed in this new world we’re building would be like…

For MetaGame, originally, I was thinking that maybe there should be like a public inbox, a newsletter aggregator. To begin with, it would be subscribed to all the important ecosystem substacks, eventually allowing people to curate on their own. I miss RSS lol.

That’s not a bad idea, but its not good enough for a newsfeed as its limited to newsletters vs. being about keeping up with your people. Needs to be more social, not like a newspaper.

Then I started looking at Discord, and thought wait, aren’t these channels newsfeeds?


Channels in Discord kind of are news feeds. I get pretty much all of my important news through different Discord channels & servers.

Problem: Not really a proper newsfeed. “Posts” & “comments” all jumbled into one = infinite noise.

Idea: To make a newsfeed out of Discord, filter out only messages that have a certain number of reactions. Use emojis as additional filters. Eg. if it has :100: reactions, the message could be a conclusion of a whole thread of messages from above.

Then I thought wait, that’s what Sourcecred does lol. It’s just used to curate a list of top contributors vs a feed of latest things happening…

ValueFeed: A feed of things your community values. Filtering out latest actions or news from Discord, Discourse & Github.


Originally wanted this to be a MetaGame project, but it might make even more sense to have it as a sourcecred project? Or a Sourcecred x MetaGame project? (subsidized by both)

Not to think too much ahead of feedback…

What do y’all think? Is it good idea? Is it a dumb idea? Should we build it?


Currently working on something of that nature; focused on NFT’s and cryptoart


@peth-yursick, I remember you making this comparison to discord channels and news feeds on the MetaGame discord a while back now. Has since been quietly haunting a corner of my mind…

I think you’ve hit on a good insight that discord channels are effectively newsfeeds, which is huge. I wonder actually if this is a big reason discord is taking off like it is. Using SourceCred as a filter to surface the most important messages is an interesting idea. I imagine a naive MVP version that just re-posted the highest Cred earning messages for the day/week/month/whatever into a #highlights channel (or whatever), would be interesting.

You seem to be getting at something a bit more curated though. To do this, I imagine a Cred-curated feed would need to be raw input into a creative human process. Similar to your MetaGame substack updates (which are great), but more “newsy” and with automation taking care of more of the work behind the scenes.


Thank you! @decentralion joined us on the call on Monday and said this might fit nicely into the creditor, but that’s months out. I’m more interested in the MV version of this, which would be pretty simple as you said. I think we could just use @benoxmo’ bot but instead of just having it message each person’s score in DMs, have it populate a public “feed” channel on Discord :man_shrugging:

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I know this was written a while back but it struck a chord as I was making a twitter bot to feed tweets from co-communities to thier respective channels in our server.

I’m curious if this idea has grown at all since it was brought to forum.