Art: SourceCred Logo Mandala!


So whose “month off personal time and personal projects” include getting this printed on a really comfy hoodie?

I can dig through myself if no one wants to take this on :slight_smile:


I opened the link to make some mock-ups with this art, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where to do that. It looks like you can only buy things that have already been designed, and there’s no link for making your own. Maybe I’m just not seeing the design space link? @META_DREAMER any advice?

Hey, sorry for the late reply just opened up the forums now after a while. Here’s a link to our catalogue of products:

You can pick whichever ones you like there and I will send you the design templates for them. There’s “sublimation” ones and “direct to garment” ones:

The sublimation ones can be fully customized with an all over print / design / color, can pretty much design every square inch of the product. The direct to garment ones are a bit more limited (e.g. can only print on the front / back and parts of the sleeve), but you get better quality fabric (cotton vs poly blend).

If you don’t need an all over design and want to have a black hoodie as a base, the direct to garment is the way to go. If you want to have a custom color hoodie and/or an all over print, the sublimation will be your best bet.

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@META_DREAMER do we need to set up a “brand” first? Like a SourceCred storefront of sorts?

This is also relevant to me personally because I think I’m gonna launch my 100DOLLARBEES lifestyle brand on here knowing that I can do sublimated/all over prints @LB

Can you please post the blanks to #287, #233, #3400, #155, #20, #122, #121, #226

Here’s a link to the requested templates (+ some others that ere previously requested from others):

#121 is no longer available unfortunately.

For brands, copypastaing my DM to you here for posterity:

So right now we have a backlog of 2-3 brands waiting to launch, in the meantime we are more focusing on one-off products for anything outside of that. The idea is that if the one-off products gain some traction and success, it can evolve into a brand, but to test the waters we start with single products.

If you would like to propose a product to get put up in the shop, you can share your idea in the MetaFactory discord or on the governance forums ( The ROBOT (MF’s token) holders will vote to approve your product for the shop, and then we can make the renders and get samples made and put it up on the shop once everything is finalized / approved