SourceCred Virtual Holiday Party!

On the 27th of December (this Sunday) from 5-9pm PT we’ll be having a SourceCred virtual holiday party!

We’ll be using an amazing tool called which is a video-game-esq tool made for socializing in large groups. LB got inspired and created completely custom spaces (including some hidden secrets) for us to use as we hang out together.

Anyone in or orbiting the SourceCred community is welcome to attend and bring any +1s or other people from the ecosystem. We won’t be working, just chillin’ and enjoying each other’s company at the end of a very very long year.

So come join us! Whether it’s just a little while or the entire time, we’ll be so happy to see your face and hear your voice.

Check the #general channel of our Discord, the event in our calendar, or this Discourse post the day of for the link to our specialized virtual party space. Hope to see you then!


The link to our specialized virtual party space: SourceCred Social Space

See y’all between 5-9pm PT!