SourceCred Mega Thread

Everything you ever wanted to know about SourceCred and more.

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What is SourceCred?

SourceCred Manifesto (WIP)

SourceCred Overview

SourceCred Mechanics

SourceCred Codebase

@decentralion @Beanow The goal of this section is to allow developers to explore the code base, then deploy SourceCred for their communities and/or help out with core development. With that in mind, does this seem like a good outline for this section, and if so, what information should go here to fill in the placeholders?


  • Gentle intro to the SourceCred GitHub org, repos of interest, and how to get started.

Main repo 1

  • README should have getting started and contributing guides

Main repo 2

  • README should have getting started and contributing guides

Main repo 3

  • README should have getting started and contributing guides

Dev help

  • How do people reach out if they have questions or problems?

SourceCred Community

SourceCred Core Cred

  • See SourceCred’s own cred here (updated weekly)
  • See SourceCred’s latest grain distribution here

Getting Started

Vision and values



Teams using SourceCred

Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Reddit?
  • Other?


  • @s_ben do you want to fill this part in with relevant content?
  • Podcast intro/overview page
  • Link to all podcasts (could add these all here, or keep the Podcast intro page updated with a list of all podcasts)


SourceCred Events

  • If we ever have an event, it will go here!

SourceCred Operations

Not sure if this category is necessary, but wasn’t sure where to put things like the website, logo, legal council, and whatever else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Link to codebase
  • Link to threads discussing the website


  • In this comment @decentralion said that the logo was important and should be retroactively boosted or something. Would be great to add threads talking about logos here.


  • Discourse maintainers
  • Discourse improvement proposals


these lists are missing tons of stuff so please feel free to add and edit :slight_smile:


This is great! A wiki seems like a natural way to organize this information and give people a high-level view. The categories make sense.

I’ve added a talk @decentralion did that I’ve been sending to people as an introduction to SourceCred. Also added all the community calls and notes so far. Waiting to link the podcasts until I switch hosting providers (I should be done with that in a couple days).

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